Sunday, May 6, 2012

So today's NOT Mother's Day

After wishing Suzy and Julie a happy Mother's Day, I realized I was a week early. At least I didn't mail my mother her card yet.

After another major soaking today, I think we can say we're out of the drought. The storm that rumbled through at about 2:00 am and ended by 2:45 am dumped 1.42" of rain and some pea sized hail. There doesn't appear to be any garden damage, but that might take a couple days to show up.

Lucy knew about my new job. I had interviewed on March 20th and we found out the next day that Lucy's battle turned significantly worse. I called them to turn down the position. Later that day I heard back they would hold the job open while Lucy needed me.

I had promised Lucy I would take care of some tasks for her this year. The basement steps are almost fully painted and my back and knees are letting me know it. That was on hold because I didn't want to expose her to paint fumes. Even low odor paint with no Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) still off gases as it dries.

So even though it's not Mother's Day, give your mom a hug anyway. She's earned it.

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