Thursday, May 17, 2012

Congratulations Mike & Sarah

I will be attending their wedding tomorrow night in St. Paul if (a) I'm not stuck at work really late and (b) the dreaded orange barrel season hasn't choked off the thoroughfares down to hiking paths. There is some irony in attending someone's wedding after losing my spouse. Life keeps moving with or without us. Lucy and I were softies for newlyweds. We hoped they would have as much joy in their marriage as we had in ours.

Tomorrow might be our first 90°F day of the season here in Bloomington. Today's rain fizzled out after a few drops. Our next chance of rain is the whole weekend.

Since I work in Eden Prairie now, my commute takes me with a mile of Lucy. It's nice that I get chances to visit her.

The bald eagles are out in force today. I saw one in Eden Prairie and three in Bloomington, We also have about a dozen turkey buzzards soaring along the Minnesota River south of me.

I hope to get some pictures of Lucy's gardens this weekend. Perhaps the weekend won't be a total washout.

Thank you for thinking of me and for keeping Lucy's memory alive by reading this. It really does mean a lot to me.

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