Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An unexpected gift

I am still receiving sympathy cards. Yesterday's mail also included a card and memorial candle from Fairview Hospice. They will call me tomorrow with information about purchasing additional candles.

Lucy enjoyed dahlias and lilies. Yesterday before the storm hit, I planted four dinnerplate dahlias, two canna lilies and nine Oriental lilies. I'm also going to take another whack at growing morning glorys around the arbor near her rose garden. Like last year, I'll be planting borage, cardinal flax, and bluebonnets. I know I'm running about a month late on some of the seeds. Now we're getting into a rainy period. Yesterday saw ¾" of rain which helped put a dent in the drought we have been in since July of last year. Here's hoping we don't get a hatching of mosquitoes to go with the rain.

Give your loved ones a hug from me tonight.

The Hospice memorial candle

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