Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And the forecast calls for rain

Remember all the weather folks in the Twin Cities bemoaning the drought ad nauseum? We're not hearing too much about that anymore. Some areas are going to get over 3" of rain tonight. I've been treated to a pretty good sound and light show (thunder and lightning). Everything is green and lush. I think I'll be picking blackberries in two weeks and raspberries in about four weeks. Neither apple tree bloomed this year, though.

I got to meet my cousin Julie at Jake's City Grille in Eden Prairie after work. It was nice catching up a bit. I needed the decompression time. The garlic burger was very good. As we were leaving because of the impending deluge, "Second Chance" started playing as the background music. The rain even held off until I got home.

Apparently the bronze vases at the local cemeteries are getting stolen by the hundreds.  Just a couple years ago, the bronze grave markers for veterans were getting stolen for scrap. One has to be a particularly vile low life to steal from the dead.

Remember to give your special someone a hug tonight.

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