Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One week at home

Lucy has been in home hospice care for a week now. I have had to call their hot line several times. The call backs are prompt and the person on the other end is calming and supportive.

Today has been a quiet day for Lucy and she badly needed the downtime. We have had a number of visitors Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Tuesday we had the hospice social worker and charge nurse by for almost two hours. After that, Lucy had an aide come out to help her clean up, and then she had an equipment delivery for her new mattress.

Lucy is very nervous about getting out of bed because her blood pressure is low and she gets vertigo. Once the spinning subsides she is fine. She got to sit in her wheelchair and enjoy her sun porch for almost 45 minutes yesterday.

Lucy will have an aide come tomorrow to help her get cleaned up. Her nurse will be by Friday to check on her and she will be seeing a hospice doctor in the next few days. Starting Monday, she will have an aide assigned instead of having different aides. That will help her anxiety a bit.

Lucy is really tired right now. She has been waking up about every 90 minutes asking for water. Even though there is a "bubbler" on her oxygen talk, she still gets a dry throat. Lucy doesn't need oxygen during the much of the day so her throat gets a chance to get re-hydrated. The other thing is when Lucy gets really tired now, she can get a little confused. Many of us have experienced brain fog when we have had to pull an all-nighter to two.

Lucy still needs your thoughts and prayers. Her battle is still underway.

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