Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It takes a village

Lucy is still with us. However, she was extremely tired all day. At this point, I do not think she will be able to wake up enough when she has company anymore.

The amount of resources available for hospice is amazing. Lucy's aide came by to wash her hair and freshen her up a bit. Lucy's hospice nurse, a nursing student, and the social worker came by to see Lucy. A volunteer came by to sit with Lucy for a couple hours. The volunteer is a nursing student at Normandale College and wants to specialize in hospice care. I used the time to get my hair cut and my parents got our lawn mowed.

All the people involved with hospice are helping make our burden lighter. We are so fortunate that some people choose to help families facing loss of a loved one. The level of compassion and professionalism is so high. They have been so patient and supportive when I have called.

We wish all of you the best and thank you for caring!

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  1. thinking of you both.

    Mary Fischer


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