Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday, Monday

Lucy is still hanging tough though her body is slowing down even more. She is managing to wake up for short periods of time. Both of her sisters were over today and Lucy managed to smile at them. Even something as simple as smiling or speaking a few words saps her energy. She is resting comfortably and seems very peaceful.

She had an aide over to clean her and the hospice chaplin stopped by for a few minutes. For her, that was a very busy day.

My parents came back today. They left early yesterday afternoon because bad weather that was rolling into their area. Steve and Liz had dropped off a nice Easter dinner on Saturday, so we enjoyed that tonight.

Tomorrow her nurse will be by to check on her. A hospice volunteer is coming over to give me a chance to run errands for a couple hours. I may elect to nap instead.

Thank you for your caring! Lucy and I deeply appreciate that!


  1. Hi Ken,

    Please, please do not hesitate to to ask for help. I can run errands cook clean or just listen. God bless!


    Hugs to Lucy and you

  2. Hugs all around - to you, Lucy, Uncle Kenny, and Aunt Hazel. I am glad that your folks have been able to stay with you. I'd be there too, given the chance. Love you all.


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