Saturday, February 25, 2012

There will be blood

This morning started with a 75 minute nosebleed. Lucy was supposed to start using Afrin nasal spray but her bleeding started moments after the first spray. She got switched over to a saline gel.

Diane visited Lucy this afternoon. It really helped Lucy's mood. Diane can get Lucy laughing which is really needed right now. Thank you, Diane! She also suggested the title for tonight's post (it was originally Let it bleed). Between the nosebleed and the blood draws, Lucy could have supplied the blood for this season of "Dexter".

Lucy is still running a temperature of around 101°. They are running an IV antibiotic and she is getting Tylenol for her temp.They also drew blood to see if her blood thinner dose needs adjusting. Blood thinners are very touchy. Then they drew blood again looking at her Heparin Factor A. And then drew a third time for blood cultures (again). She also received two large heparin bolus doses.

It sounds like Suzy is going to visit Lucy tomorrow. Unfortunately when Suzy called tonight, Lucy had a lab tech wrapping a tourniquet getting ready for a blood draw and two nurses going over the heparin bolus double check and co-signing procedure. Things do get a little hectic.

Keep Lucy in your thoughts and prayers tonight. Thank you for all your support!

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  1. Sending lots of hugs from Oregon!!!


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