Monday, February 6, 2012

Goin' Mobile

Discharge day! We're thrilled! Today went like this:

10:45 am: It sounds like the heperin level in her blood is making the doctors happier. The heperin IV could come out today. Because her Chromogenic Factor X test takes several hours, we will not know if she gets discharged. If she does stay, she will get moved to a different room on 8th floor. Fairview is stripping and cleaning the floors and performing maintenance checks on the rooms. "Hurry up and wait" is the theme for today.

2:00 pm: The expectation of a hospital stay is for the patient to focus on recovery. Fairview Southdale has been exceptional in that regard. Certain administrative obligations pop up which detract from recovery, like dealing with the short term disability people. "Benefits coordination" is an oxymoron in that company. Lucy was passed to three people so far and got asked the same questions. They were just as clueless after her surgery nearly two years ago.

3:00 pm: Lucy's Chromogenic Factor X result was at the midpoint of her therapuetic range. Her Coumadin dose was set and she has her instructions. The IV lines were removed and she got dressed. Everything is loaded and she has her walker. All that remains is waiting for the pharmacy to fill her prescriptions.

5:30 pm: The pharmacy finally asked for her prescription insurance card. She has a new drug plan this year and the old information was still on file. Plus there always seems to be a delay when painkillers are involved. Lucy is moving with more confidence after the IV tree went away. Her friend Diane called while I was loading the vehicle. Lucy also called her siblings during the wait. The sunset was nice.

6:10 pm: Lucy headed home wondering what sort of mess awaits after me having full run of the house for the past eleven days. She didn't cringe after touring the house, so I think I did all right. I think the chicken strip dinner I picked up for her at Dairy Queen also helped.

Our house is a rambler with a basement. The basement has a rec room, laundry room, office, ¾ bathroom, and a storage area. The bedrooms are on the main level. One of the guest rooms is now an office for her. She doesn't need to go downstairs until her leg is better. Most of the main level has laminate flooring. She is navigating the walker quite well in the house.

I picked up some of the wet wipe style washcloths hospitals use for cleaning up a patient in bed. I also picked up a couple of the shower caps that have the shampoo in them. Lucy does not have to worry about slipping in the shower.

Lucy's next blood test is Thursday. Next week she will get a PET scan since it has been about a year since her last one, see Dr. Thurmes about her leg, and see Dr. Boente about her next Alimta treatment. There is a possibility she may need a break from chemo until her leg fully recovers. Even though her leave was extended until February 13th, she may need another week added. Her next assessment may not happen until after that date.

We're happy to be home and are grateful and humbled by the outpouring of love and support you have given us through this ordeal. Thank you!


  1. Sooooo happy you got home. I know you are thinking you are in heaven. So have a great day and I'll check in with you later.

    Lots of love and hugs going your way.

  2. Hazzah!! Sweet that you moved the office upstairs for Lucy. We have a rare CA rental that has a basement. I claimed a craft space down there when we moved in, but find I rarely use it as it's chilly down there.

    You two are awesome. So happy that Lucy is home, but probably not happier than she is!

  3. Give me an "H" - "H" - Give me an "O" - "O" - Give me an "M" - "M" - Give me an "E" - "E". What's that spell? HOME - Home Sweet Home!

    So happy you are able to be home and in the comfort of your own space. I'm so thankful for and happy to hear of all of the wonderful progress you've made. Now to rest and continue to heal.

    Take good care Lucy.

    Love, Hugs, and Cheers!


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