Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Down to once per day

We started today with about two inches of snow. That is normally boring news but this has not been a typical winter. This stuff was like the mashed potatoes served in the school cafeteria. The snow blower had problems with it because the discharge chute kept plugging. I think the snow lovers might be disappointed with the stuff, too.

Lucy's leg puffed back up a bit by almost 2 cm though her pain is about the same. She is really run down today. We had been suspecting her hemoglobin was dropping and it has. She is at 6.8. Her two unit transfusion is scheduled tomorrow at 7:30 am. It will probably take four hours to complete.

She also has to change her injection schedule before the next labs. We were targeting her injection for around 6:00 pm. This would avoid conflicts with work schedules, dinner and TV. Now she is to get her injection at 11:00 tomorrow and work towards 10:00 by Monday's lab appointment. The lab is also getting moved to 4:30. Of course she's going the be at Fairview Southdale IV Therapy at 11:00 tomorrow.

One thing we are happy about is she is down to daily injections rather than twice daily. We also enjoyed Julie's stew tonight. OK, enjoyed is an understatement, devoured is more like it.

 Here's hoping we have a dull and boring day tomorrow.

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