Saturday, February 4, 2012

Room with a View

I have been parking in the Skyway Ramp and I walk past this stained glass panel every day. The flash on my phone's camera causes a lot of flare. The gnome is not lighting flatulence (though he looks guilty) and the owl is not looking for the culprit.

Lucy took a short walk this morning. It helps clear the fog of the pain pills. Her leg color has gotten noticeably better in the past day. Her right calf circumference is within 3 cm. (about 1.2") of her left calf. She says her ankle is stiff but is getting a bit more range of motion. Lucy has been working on her physical therapy exercises. Her Braden risk bracelet was removed because she is more active and her skin can air out.

Dr. Singh from Minnesota Oncology came by. Lucy was moved back to 8th floor this afternoon. Her hemoglobin dropped after yesterday's increase so she will be getting a two unit transfusion. This means the four transfusions she has had since being admitted have required eight units of blood. She will be here until Monday at the earliest. The rest of the blood work sounded OK. Her Coumadin dosage was dropped to 2.5 mg and they did not have to administer a quick "blast" of heperin (called a bolus). We hope this means she is getting close to being removed from the IV heperin and her Coumadin dose is getting set.

I did get to take Lucy to the Meditation Sanctuary before she was moved. We used a wheelchair because it was a quick trip. She liked the fireplace and water feature. Changing her scenery also helped.

The view from her room is great. For those of you in the Twin Cities area, she overlooks Crosstown and France Ave. The fog lifted and the sun came out and we can see all the way to Highway 100.

Lucy's birthday is tomorrow and she will be spending it in the hospital. I'm grateful for getting to celebrate another birthday with her! I do wish she could have been released today. Comments are working, so please feel free to send her birthday greetings tomorrow. Thank you so much for your support!


  1. Hey Birthday Girl, I sent you a greeting on FB before I checked out Teal Owl. I was hoping you would be home to celebrate, but your progress sounds good. I'm still watching the little ones but I would like to give you a call today to wish you a Happy Birthday live. Send me your new phone number (by email) and I will call you this afternoon.

    You have as happy birthday as you can. Are you able to eat cake?

    Love ya and God Bless.
    PS. Am I supposed to be able to read other posts on this site?

  2. You are supposed to be able to read other posts on the site. The front page is supposed to hold 31 days of content. Right now older posts are not getting archived. I believe there wil be an "Older Posts" link at the bottom of the page when the blog hits 32 days old.


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