Saturday, March 3, 2012

One small step for Lucy...

She still hasn't had the giant leap towards going home. Dr. Rousey (hematologist) stopped by this morning. He and Dr. Thurmes are still digging though research studies to see if Pradaxa will be the drug of choice, with Arixta as the runner up. Pradaxa apparently has a shorter half-life which is helpful in case of a complication. Lucy likes the fact that it is oral rather than an injection (OK, so do I!). Neither drug will require as frequent blood testing as Coumadin. I think it is because both drugs are tailored to manage specific coagulation factors while Coumadin takes more of a scorched earth approach?

The IV antibiotics are still going. Right now she gets Vancocin and ampicillin, and both are available orally. While the hematologists are researching Pradaxa, Lucy is still on IV heparin. She has not needed a blood test because she hit therapeutic range.

Julie stopped by this afternoon and really made Lucy's day! It was nice having nearly no interruptions while Julie was here.

Lucy took two walks today. The first was about 50 feet. Her second was close to 150 feet. She would go farther if the damned IVs were done. Her left ankle is loosening up a little. On her second walk, she was able to get her heel on the floor while walking, at least for a few steps. There was still discomfort walking, but she did not get wiped out afterwards. Like last time, her pain started decreasing when she sat down.

Dr. Thurmes will be on rounds tomorrow and said he will stop by. He's been so good to Lucy through this ordeal. He might have the home care anticoagulant and antibiotic choices tomorrow. If so, she will probably be released tomorrow.

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