Monday, March 5, 2012

Home and resting comfortably

We were concerned Lucy would have to be held another day. She had a fever spike last night of 101.4°F which took about an hour to break even with Tylenol. That was the last spike. This morning she took her antibiotic (Augmentin) and her Pradaxa on an empty stomach. After some mild nausea and a shot of Zofran she was fine.

Dr. Dittes came by to tell Lucy that he was confident her symptoms were clot related, not infection related. He wants her on Augmentin for 10 days and saw no reason for her to spend more time in the hospital.

Dr. Weinshal was rounding for Dr. Thurmes and got delayed. Lucy's hemoglobin was at 8.6, her pain was manageable, and she had no fever spikes today. He saw no reason to keep her in the hospital any longer.

The only snag came when Fairview's pharmacy thought they would be filling the Pradaxa prescription even though it was called into our local Walgreens. That took a while to get straightened out. Fairview's pharmacy is out of network so there is a much higher co-pay.

Lucy will get a couple days of downtime. Her next oncologist appointment and Alimta treatment is Thursday. I believe she will also be due for a vitamin B12 injection

We're both hoping for a quiet boring week for Lucy. She will need a couple days to decompress. For the first time in 9 nights she gets to sleep in her own bed. She won't be awakened every two hours and won't be listening to medical equipment.

Thank you for your love, thoughts and prayers! It helps get us through the rough spots. There may not be another post until Thursday.

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