Saturday, March 31, 2012

Home sweet home

Lucy was nervous about coming home. In the hospital you can press a button and have someone there to help. At home, she has me close by. The people in the hospital obviously have had many hundred hours more training in patient care than I. However, her hospice care case manager met with us on Friday before she was discharged and covered everything very thoroughly. One of the hospice nurses met us at the house with her medications and gave me some charting forms and walked me though each of the drugs.

Diane and my parents were with us at the hospital on Friday. Once we had a firm time set up for the equipment delivery, my parents went to our house to let the delivery people in. Lucy's siblings came over to visit after she got home.

Today was a very busy day for Lucy. A hospice nurse, Ann, came by to check on Lucy. Ann's father is in hospice battling gastroblastoma so she is aware of the hiccup problem Lucy is having. She also had some suggestions for Lucy and had a couple more prescriptions sent via courier to our house.

Lucy is getting a bathing and massage service twice per week. After Lindsay came by today, Lucy wants to increase it to three times per week. It was so nice for her to get pampered for 45 minutes and she was beaming afterwards.

Lucy's siblings and her dad visited her this afternoon. We had a very nice dinner together. Lucy had some spaghetti and some chocolate cake. We celebrated Steve's birthday a couple days early. Diane stopped by earlier in the afternoon for a bit. It was nice to help Diane celebrate her birthday today.

Lucy has not needed oxygen today. She wanted it on a very low setting tonight. She is still having issues with hiccups, so her Thorazine dose was adjusted upwards slightly. That seems to be working. She has not had much abdominal pain today except for the hiccups.

Lucy is still really tired. Her throat is a little sore from being on oxygen in the hospital. She has been using Halls Breezers to help with that. She also has some Popsicles and Jello to help soothe her throat.

Thank you so much for caring for us! I hope these blog posts have help show everyone what an amazing woman I married. She is the true embodiment of  life worth living. Her strength, courage and dignity are an inspiration. My hope is when it is my time to transcend this existence that I will follow Lucy's example.

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