Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fill 'er up! No, not quite …

Today is getting longer than we expected. I'm doing this entry via my phone so please excuse the egregeous spelling mistakes.

Lucy's leg is about the same. The pain relievers zonk her out so she had some quality time getting reacquainted with the backs of her eyelids.

Lucy went to Minnesota Oncology to have an INR test and get a Lovenox shot. Tomorrow is the meeting with the hematologist.

She got the chills before the INR test. Lucy had a CBC test done in addition to the INR. Her hemoglobin was 5.5 which is very low.

After her Lovenox shot Lucy was sent to Fairview Southdale for a transfusion. Her temp is 102.8 so she is getting held overnight. They are starting antibiotics and doing a blood culture.

Her transfusion started at 10:00 pm when her tempo was 98.1. It was stopped at 10:45 when she went up to 102, then started again at 11:15 when it went down to 100.9.

Here's hoping tomorrow will go better!

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