Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another day, another poke

Lucy had another Lovenox shot today. For those of you with some medical background, Lovenox is a SC slow-push injection. The ideal area for the shot is in the belly region. Cringe-worthy to be sure, but it’s also not as painful. Lucy has only mentioned feeling only a couple of the injections. You can’t begin to understand how much we appreciate skilled nurses!

Starting around Thanksgiving Lucy had noticed her sense of taste was getting impaired. We did have a couple unusual food experiences where she was convinced her taste buds were on vacation, but they weren’t (trust me!). By and large food she mentioned food not having much flavor, even spicy Asian and Mexican foods. Many people going through chemo mention food taste changing and some develop food sensitivities. The past few days, Lucy is noticing food tasting better and her appetite increasing. That is good news!

Her leg swelling is slowly getting better and the coloration is looking a lot less “angry”. Her right ankle is swollen and not very flexible right now. It was swollen to the point tonight that getting a boot on was nearly impossible. She got around that by pulling the insert out of her Sorell boot so it could easily slip on. I though that was pretty clever! If our weather was still as mild as it was two weeks ago, boots would not be necessary. The Twin Cities area finally has a couple inches of snow on the ground. We’re thankful the temperature was in the +20°F’s today and not the -20°F’s we can and do get.

Lucy is out on disability for the next two weeks. This is not a bad sign. She has had a tremendous fight going the past few months and her body needs a rest. Walking is still very painful and driving is out of the question especially with painkiller involved. She moved to a different cubicle at work after their reorganization and it means more walking for her.

The blood clot issue will resolve and her leg will get better. She is anxious to start using our treadmill and rebuild the strength in her leg and to be her usual independent self again.

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