Friday, January 27, 2012

Clotbusters II

Lucy's procedure finished around 1:00. She was moved to the Surgical Specialties unit on third floor, so there goes the view.

They gave her a pain pump and she is already noticing a decrease in pain. This is the first time this week where her pain self assessment went down. The clot is being treated with a "clot busting" drug (alteplase)  in addition to a blood thinner (heperin). All the hardware look impressive: seven infusers and a pain pump. Two of the infusers were shut off after a couple hours, a clot buster and a blood thinner. We're hoping this is a good sign. Lucy will have the catheters moved tomorrow and her hematologist will be by on rounds, too.

Lucy was moved twice today. She is in a bigger room. The care providers have some elbow room now. She actually had some time to herself tonight. The fast-paced choreography of this morning has slowed to a very slow ballet. Now she'll get more of a chance to relax.

This does it for tonight. Thank you so much for your good wishes for Lucy!

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