Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Ride my See-Saw"

I keep thinking of the old Moody Blues song when I look at the weather forecasts in October and March. This week is going to get progressively colder. The only good thing about it is we could pick up some rain.

Today started with the furnace running and ended with the windows open. I managed to tweak my shoulder dealing with the kitchen window so my yard work plans got scrapped. It was nice enough to get a short walk in at Nine Mile Creek and Central Park. However, the shoulder tweak also made hiking a bit bothersome so I ended up in the porch. It should be fine in a couple days.

Halloween is fast approaching, though I have seen several store Christmas displays already. I'm still trying to think of a costume for Gerry's party next Saturday night. Lucy and I couldn't make it last year as her anemia was getting bad and her white counts were dropping. The year before we went dressed in scrubs. Lucy had found a really cute Halloween scrub top which fit her perfectly. I'm open for suggestions.

For those of you who will be seeing much cooler temperatures this week, take advantage of a little cuddling, especially if you have kids. My great-uncle Olai used to say that as you got older, life got mean. Life gets mean at times, but we can stand up to the meanness with the love of our family and friends. Despite how difficult it can be, tell your loved ones that you care and make sure your hugs are meaningful. I know that can be tough with tweens.  Share a smile and a laugh with your friends. Brightening someone's day is a very special gift and you get something special in return.

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